Youth Ministry

We have a full programme of activities for young people within 2RPC each week.

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Senior Youth Club

Saturday 7.30 – 9.30pm

Senior Youth Club is for young people of Secondary School age. Youth Club offers the chance for teens to meet together and socialise in a safe environment. A typical night in Youth Club consists of opportunities to play a wide range of sports and X-box. We organise regular trips, the latest being a successful trip to ‘We Are Vertigo‘.  Recently the teens at Youth Club took part in a First Aid Course, taken by trained First Aid Educator Florence Hand. This allowed each member to learn life saving skills, whilst giving them a certificate in the ‘Heart Start’ course. Plans are ongoing to introduce a drug and alcohol awareness programme.

Youth Fellowship (YF)

Sunday 7.15- 9.15pm

Youth Fellowship is for young people of Secondary School age. YF follows the three ‘F’s’… Fellowship, Friendship and Fun. YF gives young teens the chance to study the Bible and have discussions about relevant topics affecting their daily lives.