Mission Policy


Mission begins in the heart of God. God’s purpose is that through the Church, the light of the Gospel will be taken to the ends of the earth. Through the death and resurrection of Christ and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, God is actively building His Kingdom from every nation and people group across the world.

Definition of Mission

Mission is reaching out to others with the Good News of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church, by its very nature, is a missionary community set apart to fulfil the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

The body of Christ at 2nd Randalstown Presbyterian Church seeks to appropriate the authority of the Lord Jesus and to fulfil the Great Commission which He gave to His church ‘Go therefore and make disciples of all nations’. (Matthew 28: 19-20; cf Mark 16: 15-16; Luke 24: 46- 49; Acts 1: 7-9).

Intention of Policy

This policy statement is designed to encourage the fulfilment of the Great Commission establishing a clear sense of direction, maintaining momentum, and acting as a framework within which decisions can be made.

  • It is intended to be flexible and adaptable so that amendments can be made as changing situations dictate.
  • Any amendments of the policy must have the approval of Kirk Session.
  • The policy document will be reviewed every five years and revised as necessary.


The responsibility for implementing and maintaining this policy will rest on the Missionary Committee whose constitution is given in Appendix 1

Definition of Partners in Mission

We identify the following areas of missionary service for which we will provide pastoral, prayer and financial support for those approved by the church working in these capacities.

  1. Mission Partners
    These are Church Members who have been recognised and sent out by the Church into full time mission outside the regular corporate life of the Church. This category will include those who present as Missionary Candidates for long-term (1 year +) missionary service and special arrangements will be put in place regarding their candidacy and support. (See Appendix 2)
  2. Associate Mission Partners”
    These are Church Members, who have been recognised by the Church as Associate Mission Partners. Such designation would arise from a recommendation by the Missionary Committee and would include those with long term commitment to approved missionary enterprises.
  3. Short-term Mission Partners”
    These are Church Members, associated with the Church, engaged in short term Mission activity.
  4. ‘’Mission Agencies Approved by the Church’’
    Mission Agencies approved by the Church at present are as listed in the Church Vestibule Missionary Notice Board, from any Member of the Missionary Committee or the Church website

Our Mission Objectives

As members of, 2nd Randalstown Presbyterian Church we accept our individual and corporate responsibility to become increasingly informed about, actively involved in, and committed to worldwide mission.

Our objectives are summarised as follows:

1. Education/Information

  • To create a greater awareness of world mission Education / Information
  • To make available up-to-date information on all aspects       of the advance of the Gospel worldwide
  • To ensure that up-to-date information on Partners in Mission is readily available
  • To make available information on other mission agencies if approved
  • To make available information on the work of the PCI Council for Global Mission

2. Encouraging Involvement / Participation in Mission

  • LONG TERM SERVICE: As a Church we have a responsibility to recognise, prepare, send and care for those members gifted and called of God to be involved in mission as their primary vocation. The policy set out in Section 2 is the normal procedure to be followed with those identified as aspiring Mission Partners.
  • SHORT TERM SERVICE Individuals from within the Church are encouraged to consider participation in short term programmes with the purpose of: –
  1. training for long term involvement -developing an awareness of mission and the use of gifts
  2. assisting in specific mission projects.

Those engaging in such activities should approach the Missionary Committee for recognition as Short Term Mission Partners.

Short Term Mission Partners will be provided with prayer and financial support as outlined elsewhere in this Mission Policy.

3. Mobilising Support

  • To encourage all members to pray for Mission Partners and their ministries
  • To encourage all members to share in giving practical and financial support to our Partners in Mission and their work
  • To provide pastoral care for Partners in Mission
  • To cultivate fellowship links with the sending agencies of our Mission Partners

Responsibilities of the Missionary Committee in meeting our objectives

To ensure that the Mission Objectives are implemented throughout all areas of the life of the church. This will include the spiritual and practical aspects of the mission programme as follows:

To create greater awareness of what God is doing worldwide, and the vital role the church must play in Mission, the Missionary Committee will endeavour to:1 EDUCATION / INFORMATION

  • Produce information on opportunities for short-term missionary service and summer outreach teams
  • Present an annual report to Kirk Session
  • Propose visiting speakers for special mission events
  • Organise annual Missionary Day
  • Encourage the youth to be involved in mission activities
  • Arrange opportunities for Associate Mission Partners to present updates

2. Involvement/Participation

2.1 Missionary Candidates – Long Term (1 year +)

It is recognised that normally the initiative will come from members who sense the call to missionary service.

We would expect members who are sensing the call of God to missionary service, to share their leading with the minister or a member of the Missionary Committee at the earliest opportunity for prayerful fellowship, counsel and advice.

Initially, this may be done on an informal basis as they seek to confirm their sense of call.

Having confirmation that God is directing them to missionary service, they shall request a meeting and interview with the Missionary Committee.

  • The Missionary Committee, satisfied that the member has a clear call to missionary service, will bring a recommendation to the Kirk Session. Such candidates should be communicant members and active in the life and work of the church and be in agreement with its doctrinal basis.
  • Candidates will be expected to keep in regular touch with the minister and missionary committee during training.
  • In the likely event of the candidate serving with a Missionary Society, the Missionary Committee will make contact with the Society. The Missionary Committee will also become familiar with the aims and ethos of the Society and form fellowship links in order to establish a working relationship that will be in the best interests of the candidate.
  • Before leaving for the field of service, the candidate will be set apart at a ValedictoryService, with the assurance of prayerful and practical backing.

In cases where the Missionary Committee is unable to recommend applicants for approval, the candidates will be given pastoral support and guidance regarding further training or re-direction.

2.2 Missionary candidates Short Term (4 weeks – up to 1 year)

Members intending to serve as a Short Term Missionary Partner should make an early application to the Missionary Committee advising them of their intentions. Following an interview with representatives of the Missionary Committee successful applicants will be accepted.

3. Support

3.1 Prayer

Prayer Co-ordinator/s be to ensure that up-to-date prayer information from all Partners in Mission is fed regularly into the prayer network of the church i.e. midweek/home groups, intercessory prayer from the pulpit, announcement sheet and through Partners in Prayer

3.2 Pastoral Care of Mission Partners

3.2.1 Preparation for Service

The Missionary Committee will keep in close contact with all aspects of Mission Partners’ preparation – to give advice, guidance and encouragement as and when appropriate.

3.2.2 On Field Term

  • To keep in touch on a regular basis, assigning one of the Missionary Committee as correspondent
  • To ensure, if the Mission Partner feels it appropriate, that a pastoral visit be made during the field term by a member of the fellowship.

3.3 Financial Support

3.3.1 Mission Partners

As a sending church, we are committed to the financial support of those in full-time mission work at home and overseas. All members will be encouraged to give on a regular basis, using the missionary envelopes and other methods of missionary support.

The Missionary Committee will annually inform the congregation of the approximate total cost of maintaining our missionary commitments.

3.3.2 Short Term Mission Partners

For those whose term of service will be more than 4 weeks & up to one year, a regular allocation from the Missionary Fund may be granted.


Membership of Missionary Committee: The Missionary Committee shall consist of the following:

Minister (ex-officio)



Representatives of Session, Congregational Committee and others with particular expertise of benefit to the Missionary Committee

There will be a minimum of six members in total

Appointment of members will be made by Kirk Session to serve for at least a three year period. It is recognised that longer periods of service on the Missionary Committee are desirable.

The Missionary Committee may co-opt mission partners on furlough, or other church members, for a limited period, whose experience and/or expertise would be of benefit for specific tasks.

The Missionary Committee will meet a minimum of three times each year with additional time set aside once a year for review, evaluation and prayer. Fellowship times with mission partners will be arranged as required.

. o 0 o .



1  The Missionary Committee encourages and supports approved mission activities undertaken by members of the congregation

2  Members of the congregation, especially young people, who feel called to special projects of service, are encouraged to apply for financial assistance as well as spiritual and prayerful support

3  The Missionary Committee encourages short term applicants to try to be as self-funding as possible. The raising of their own finances is a healthy and desirable demonstration of the commitment, enthusiasm, faith and initiative of the prospective worker. Church funding should be seen as complementary, however:

  • No worthy project should fail solely for lack of funds
  • The level of funding should be reviewed annually by the Missionary Committee, taking into account current demand for funding and funds available
  • Active members of the congregation will be given preference in provision of support


For projects supported by the Missionary Committee normally grants of £100 will be made available from Congregational funds which will be limited to one grant per applicant each calendar year.


  • Additional support in the excess of the normal £100 as above will be at the discretion the Missionary Committee
  • Additional funds may be available from the Concord Fund PCI (18-25 yr olds) * (for further information please contact a member of the Missionary Committee)